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LOVE IS a Bundle Part 5

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“So do you still mind that I gave you that bundle?” He asked me but not in the manner that says he was only filling up the silence between us.

“But this is outrageous! This is crazy!” I exclaimed.

“Couldn’t you just say lovely and act like you’re flattered? It is not as if I do this thing everyday, and lady, what is happening is real. Now what’s your answer to my question? Are you going to take care of us?“

Then I said to my self, oh well, some of my bitter days would perhaps become better because of him. Why not try it then?

“No I do not mind taking care of this hamster.”

“And how about taking care of me?”

“You idiot! The man comes together with the hamster! You’re a package, I’m not going to take care of only one of you!”

“My, you’re fiery!”

“Not even a second into this relationship and we had our first argument!”

“Arguing with you would be nice. So is it, now us?”

“Let’s just see. After all, you did say that love is an adventure.”

He smiled brightly then and took my other hand.

“Come” he said, “let’s start the journey first by you quitting this job.”

“Couldn’t you say thank you first?”

He laughed, his voice with genuine pleasure –

“But lady, I shall have a lifetime to thank you for saying yes to  me.”


Was that a proposal? I thought. I let him marched me up to my boss, and I didn’t feel any regret with resigning from my job. What I felt though was a tingling feeling slowly creeping up to me.  The brute definitely made my day. That moment, I began the happiest and bitterest days of my life with him. Yep, he sure did handed his love in a bundle to me. Bank of america ABA number lookup

————————–a bundle of love,  a love story,


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June 13, 2011 at 5:01 pm

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