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LOVE IS a Bundle Part 3

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“Let us  assume that the answer to those questions are both yes.”

“I wasn’t aware that I was asking whether you’re stalking me. I was exclaiming, and incase you haven’t noticed, I’m panicking here. I might just call the boss.”

“Oh Mandy, let us just say again that I’m stalking you, as you have called it, because I think I might have fallen in love with you. Now are you willing to take care of my hamster and me?”


Might have fallen in love with me? The guy can’t make up his mind. “That’s crap!” I told him. I wasn’t in the mood to flirt with him, with anyone, after all, my boss had made it a point that I was not particularly a lovely being. Why, that morning he called me an ungrateful stupid homely brat.

“Nothing’s crap until you’ve tried it Mandy. Love anyway is always an adventure.”

I stroked the hamster back and forth. I thought that at least, he made my moods lighten up. I asked him again,  “So what make’s you think that you’re inlove with me?”

He smiled more and said, “Once, when I was depressed with my relationship with ex fiancée, and I came here to stare at the animals and think about ending my life, you gave a sales talk that I could never turn down.”

“So you bought whatever pet I have suggested then?”

“Of course not,  you were trying to convince me to buy an iguana. I didn’t like the eerie looking animal then. I bought instead a cat,”


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June 13, 2011 at 4:57 pm

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