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LOVE IS a Bundle Part 2

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He reached for my hand and placed there a small bundle with a little opening. It was wrapped with crepe paper and ribbon trimmings. And it, the bundle, was wiggling. I held it afar – still curious. I looked at him with questioning eyes. “WHAT  IS THIS?”

“It’s love in a bundle, you have to take care of it, spend time with it, otherwise, it won’t take root in your heart..”

For a stranger who had looked like he was about to chew up someone, he sure did spoke with dramatics.

“Can I give it back?”


“Why? I don’t want to find out what is inside it.”

“Why not? It’s just love. Why don’t you open it?”


Now this is getting weirder by the minute, I said to myself. I figured out that the gift was willingly given, so why not really open it then? So I did. I raised an eyebrow, it was a small hamster.

“What shall I do with this?” I still don’t see the point. Again, as if in cue, and as if he could read my mind, he said,

“That hamster is me. It’s really a shortcut for my name. I’m  Hamilton Sterne, and don’t ask why I gave you that . It is just a pick up act that I’ve solely made up just for you – you see, I see you work in the shop, and I’ve often seen how you take good care of the animals. You usually look satisfied and happy when you’re working, but lately, you’ve been working harassed and tired. I saw your boss berate you for bad business…so I thought maybe I could cheer you up. So….here I am, and there’s the hamster.”

“But there are other workers here who would like to be showered by your attention. We all get bombarded by our boss every now and then anyway. Don’t think that I’m ungrateful, but this is just well, twilight zone like scenario. I don’t know you and you don’t know me. “

“Oh we know each other. You’re Mandy, and well you know me.”

“You know my name? You’re stalking me!”


Written by freestyleblogman

June 13, 2011 at 4:32 pm

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