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A myth or reality, the essence of blogging as part of social milieu for bloggers

Millions of bloggers sit on their chairs fronting their Laptops or PCs and write things on their particular interests. Their blogs are either political or educational, or may also focus on fashion, travel, or even music. There are however many more issues that can be the center of blog writing. It might be surprising that the issues would vary from legal advices, art and humanity, and the paranormal and dreams.  Still the melting point is, we are all bloggers.

What does it mean when we say that blogging is a social milieu for bloggers? Bloggers are writers too—creative writers I say. What makes blogging socially relevant?  Where do we get our inspiration when blog writing? I tell you, blogging comes from our different and unique experiences, from the different worlds that we move in. I mean I am from Philippines and you’re from Philadelphia. We have different cultures, economies and politics and much of our blogs are on whatever superstructure we are more exposed to, right?

Sometimes, blogging defines as well. It gives stories about who we are. In one way or another, blogging turns into a purpose and not only a hobby. It provides a release for all the possible tension you might be experiencing inside you, be it positive energy or negative. Sometimes too it’s the thing we wait for at the end of the day, because we just can’t stop feeling the need to write something to keep us hold to our sanities.

So we find ourselves again, sitting on our chairs, having a cup of dark coffee and smoking cigarettes, our laptops and PCs in front of us, waiting for us to start blogwriting.



Written by freestyleblogman

June 9, 2011 at 2:38 pm

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