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LOVE IS a Bundle Part 5

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“So do you still mind that I gave you that bundle?” He asked me but not in the manner that says he was only filling up the silence between us.

“But this is outrageous! This is crazy!” I exclaimed.

“Couldn’t you just say lovely and act like you’re flattered? It is not as if I do this thing everyday, and lady, what is happening is real. Now what’s your answer to my question? Are you going to take care of us?“

Then I said to my self, oh well, some of my bitter days would perhaps become better because of him. Why not try it then?

“No I do not mind taking care of this hamster.”

“And how about taking care of me?”

“You idiot! The man comes together with the hamster! You’re a package, I’m not going to take care of only one of you!”

“My, you’re fiery!”

“Not even a second into this relationship and we had our first argument!”

“Arguing with you would be nice. So is it, now us?”

“Let’s just see. After all, you did say that love is an adventure.”

He smiled brightly then and took my other hand.

“Come” he said, “let’s start the journey first by you quitting this job.”

“Couldn’t you say thank you first?”

He laughed, his voice with genuine pleasure –

“But lady, I shall have a lifetime to thank you for saying yes to  me.”


Was that a proposal? I thought. I let him marched me up to my boss, and I didn’t feel any regret with resigning from my job. What I felt though was a tingling feeling slowly creeping up to me.  The brute definitely made my day. That moment, I began the happiest and bitterest days of my life with him. Yep, he sure did handed his love in a bundle to me. Bank of america ABA number lookup

————————–a bundle of love,  a love story,


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June 13, 2011 at 5:01 pm

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LOVE IS a Bundle Part 4

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Then I remembered who he was. He had looked different then,  thin and pale and rigid, as if he was on drugs. Maybe it was because of his depression, as he had said. I gave him my best sales talk because I didn’t want to see a gloomy face in the shop. Besides, he was a financial prospect then. I remember particularly that incident because the guy left whistling a love song. But that was two years ago, I wondered by he didn’t try to get to know me before. He looked at me and smiled more. He seemed to have guessed what I was thinking.

“At first, I didn’t know how to approach you. I’ve been coming back to the shop. I began buying iguanas but you never seemed to notice me. You were so always busy convincing other customers to buy some pet. If you weren’t using your mouth, you were using your hands, tending to the animals in here.”


Okay, I thought, but he still had not answered my question yet, so I asked “But you could have just befriended me then, and you would have save a lot of time from secretly loving me.”  What was I saying? The words just poured out, fortunately, I didn’t blush. ( Best ISAs 2011 )

“Your ears are red”

Well so much for not blushing.  He continued to say to me then, “I needed to pick up my life first. You were always so alive that I didn’t know if you would have welcomed a distressed stranger. And I needed to get over with a damaged relationship.”

“So now you’re back in play?”

“Play? Love isn’t play.”

We fell silent for a couple of minutes.

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June 13, 2011 at 4:59 pm

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LOVE IS a Bundle Part 3

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“Let us  assume that the answer to those questions are both yes.”

“I wasn’t aware that I was asking whether you’re stalking me. I was exclaiming, and incase you haven’t noticed, I’m panicking here. I might just call the boss.”

“Oh Mandy, let us just say again that I’m stalking you, as you have called it, because I think I might have fallen in love with you. Now are you willing to take care of my hamster and me?”


Might have fallen in love with me? The guy can’t make up his mind. “That’s crap!” I told him. I wasn’t in the mood to flirt with him, with anyone, after all, my boss had made it a point that I was not particularly a lovely being. Why, that morning he called me an ungrateful stupid homely brat.

“Nothing’s crap until you’ve tried it Mandy. Love anyway is always an adventure.”

I stroked the hamster back and forth. I thought that at least, he made my moods lighten up. I asked him again,  “So what make’s you think that you’re inlove with me?”

He smiled more and said, “Once, when I was depressed with my relationship with ex fiancée, and I came here to stare at the animals and think about ending my life, you gave a sales talk that I could never turn down.”

“So you bought whatever pet I have suggested then?”

“Of course not,  you were trying to convince me to buy an iguana. I didn’t like the eerie looking animal then. I bought instead a cat,”

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June 13, 2011 at 4:57 pm

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LOVE IS a Bundle Part 2

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He reached for my hand and placed there a small bundle with a little opening. It was wrapped with crepe paper and ribbon trimmings. And it, the bundle, was wiggling. I held it afar – still curious. I looked at him with questioning eyes. “WHAT  IS THIS?”

“It’s love in a bundle, you have to take care of it, spend time with it, otherwise, it won’t take root in your heart..”

For a stranger who had looked like he was about to chew up someone, he sure did spoke with dramatics.

“Can I give it back?”


“Why? I don’t want to find out what is inside it.”

“Why not? It’s just love. Why don’t you open it?”


Now this is getting weirder by the minute, I said to myself. I figured out that the gift was willingly given, so why not really open it then? So I did. I raised an eyebrow, it was a small hamster.

“What shall I do with this?” I still don’t see the point. Again, as if in cue, and as if he could read my mind, he said,

“That hamster is me. It’s really a shortcut for my name. I’m  Hamilton Sterne, and don’t ask why I gave you that . It is just a pick up act that I’ve solely made up just for you – you see, I see you work in the shop, and I’ve often seen how you take good care of the animals. You usually look satisfied and happy when you’re working, but lately, you’ve been working harassed and tired. I saw your boss berate you for bad business…so I thought maybe I could cheer you up. So….here I am, and there’s the hamster.”

“But there are other workers here who would like to be showered by your attention. We all get bombarded by our boss every now and then anyway. Don’t think that I’m ungrateful, but this is just well, twilight zone like scenario. I don’t know you and you don’t know me. “

“Oh we know each other. You’re Mandy, and well you know me.”

“You know my name? You’re stalking me!”

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June 13, 2011 at 4:32 pm

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LOVE IS a Bundle

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Since this blog is all about writing I think it is best to share here some writings I have done. The topic may be cliché but, I think it’s rather nice if you would actually be able to relate to this one.


“Would you mind if I give you a bundle?” a stranger asked me once. I was in a pet shop and feeding the iguanas. It was part of my job in that animal haven. I was in deep concern over my work issues when I heard someone asked me the question. It was a guy.

“A bundle of what?” I asked.

He didn’t say anything, he didn’t answer back. He did one thing though, he smiled, and I thought Of course I mind! You might be a criminal and I would get murdered. You might be a pervert and I would get assaulted. Besides, I’m kind of busy right now, why don’t you trouble someone else? Thank you very much.

“Because I want to trouble you” he said to me. I guess I had thought out loud.  I felt my cheeks burn with blush, but I asked him again. “A bundle of what?”

“Joy, bitterness, winnings, losses, all wrapped in one” he answered me. What is he talking about? I asked myself, and as if he heard my thoughts, he told me  “It’s really a bundle of love, with all the pain that goes along with loving.


Is he trying to pick me up? What’s with these love wrapped in a bundle and all? Oh well, I don’t think I want to fall in love anyway. I told myself. I had other things to do, to attend to, and I definitely did not have any plan of falling in love with anyone at all, particularly this guy. But I was curious, and I was game, so I told him “I wouldn’t mind. What now?”

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June 13, 2011 at 4:14 pm

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Is it Myth or Reality?

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A myth or reality, the essence of blogging as part of social milieu for bloggers

Millions of bloggers sit on their chairs fronting their Laptops or PCs and write things on their particular interests. Their blogs are either political or educational, or may also focus on fashion, travel, or even music. There are however many more issues that can be the center of blog writing. It might be surprising that the issues would vary from legal advices, art and humanity, and the paranormal and dreams.  Still the melting point is, we are all bloggers.

What does it mean when we say that blogging is a social milieu for bloggers? Bloggers are writers too—creative writers I say. What makes blogging socially relevant?  Where do we get our inspiration when blog writing? I tell you, blogging comes from our different and unique experiences, from the different worlds that we move in. I mean I am from Philippines and you’re from Philadelphia. We have different cultures, economies and politics and much of our blogs are on whatever superstructure we are more exposed to, right?

Sometimes, blogging defines as well. It gives stories about who we are. In one way or another, blogging turns into a purpose and not only a hobby. It provides a release for all the possible tension you might be experiencing inside you, be it positive energy or negative. Sometimes too it’s the thing we wait for at the end of the day, because we just can’t stop feeling the need to write something to keep us hold to our sanities.

So we find ourselves again, sitting on our chairs, having a cup of dark coffee and smoking cigarettes, our laptops and PCs in front of us, waiting for us to start blogwriting.


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June 9, 2011 at 2:38 pm

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